Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s utter contempt for the people, SNP fail to report EU migration to Scotland increasing since the Brexit vote, scaremongering, fear, lies and deceit haven’t worked for SNP as she calls to "change the narrative" on migration as majority of Scots are against her policies, Scots want to remain with UK wide border controls

Dear All

Here is a laugh, “We need to "change the narrative" on migration in light of Brexit”, says Nicola Sturgeon. Staring laughing any time, there is no ‘we’ in this situation because the majority of Scots don’t want immigration to be devolved to the Scottish Parliament.

They want immigration cut.

The fact Nicola Sturgeon has called for new national debate on immigration is entirely meaningless, the fact she uses scaremonger tactics shows clearly she doesn’t have a case to present. I object to her using scare tactics of long-term harm to public services and the economy because, we have a surplus of labour in this country.

This surplus is currently known by the term unemployed.

God forbid that someone like Sturgeon might manage to come to the conclusion that there should be a change to the narrative to help them get the skills they need. Education isn’t just an investment in the individual, it is an investment in the nation; this is why any developed or developing country must prioritise educational attainment for its citizens. During the SNP tenure in government, they have destroyed circa 140,000 college places, 140,000 life chances lost.

The SNP aren’t really interested in anything other than independence so immigration is just a tactic for them to attempt to advance their cause; and with Nicola Sturgeon at the helm of the SNP, doomed to failure. No one in their right mind is going to allow two immigration systems to operate in the UK, this is madness, and unworkable. What Sturgeon is doing is trying to gerrymander any attempt at a future independence vote, clearly we all see through her nonsense.

Should Brexit cut the flow of EU migrants to Scotland, yes and no, there is already legislation on the books which allows for skilled workers to come to Scotland. This means that in areas like medicine gaps can be filled easily. In previous posts I related how no government would stop the traffic for medical personnel due to the nature of how closely medicine is tied to higher education. At present, we are still in the EU and guess what our health service is in crisis, so Sturgeon’s argument isn’t valid, in fact it is just pitiful.
Nicola Sturgeon can’t “change the narrative” on migration, and persuade people it was vital to the national interest because people already know her concern is fake and more importantly, it’s a ploy. Although Sturgeon admitted it was not an easy subject for politicians because people know that their concerns have previously been ignored. I find it abit rich that now she says that people’s concerns "cannot simply be dismissed" when she had no problems doing this in the past.

Oh, and if you want to find out how bad immigration is when it spirals out of control, just google or use youtube to look up Govanhill, I think the place now can best be described as a ‘shithole’.

Of course, in Sturgeon’s immigration plea places like Govanhill are completely forgotten as they don’t fit the narrative. When it comes to migrants, the SNP tend to find one that is academically qualified, preferably a doctor so that they can sell their pitch. If you walk around Glasgow, you can see EU nationals, the Roma Community which come into the city centre in gangs to beg. Of course, it isn’t just organised begging which this community is doing; they are also involved in crime.

Nicola Sturgeon’s constituency!

Ms Sturgeon faces an uphill struggle to sell her message which is bogus. The National Centre for Social Research reported a majority of Scots want to restrict immigration for EU citizens after Brexit, along with leaving the European single market. So, on both counts, the SNP aren’t in step with Scottish public opinion.

And haven’t been for years, they don’t think, they don’t listen, they don’t see things through.

Recently to support her drivel, Sturgeon’s government published a new Scottish Government analysis on Brexit which she thinks that paper will influence debate ahead of the next phase of Brexit talks on the transition period and future UK-EU trade relations.

It won’t, the reason is simple; no one cares a hoot about Sturgeon’s opinion or that of her minority administration, Brexit is moving forward and the SNP have no role in it, they aren’t influencing anything at any level. Already Ruth Davidson has dismissed the report as a sham.

Finally, as they say, the devil is in the detail, which is why I want to highlight this point made by Conservative MSP Adam Tomkins, he mentioned the SNP has failed to report EU migration to Scotland increasing since the Brexit vote.

Do you see how much utter contempt Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP hold you in as a Scot?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 15, 2018

Counting down the days till SNP defeat; Nicola Sturgeon attempts to use Brexit as a lever for a second independence referendum are doomed to failure, the SNP needs something which it can’t get a majority in Holyrood after the 2021 election, Sturgeon’s ran out of time

Dear All

It must be clear to you by now that Scottish independence bids don’t hold any interest with the majority of the Scottish public. 2014 referendum came and went and the result was no surprise. The deeper the SNP get into government, the more they prove that they are incapable to manage Scottish affairs. It isn’t enough for them to shout, ‘Stronger for Scotland’ when the reality is clearly the opposite.

Nicola Sturgeon’s career is on the slide, the faster she tries to save it the less traction she gets, what will finish her off is her record in government which is pitiful. In order to try and keep people on side, Sturgeon will use any excuse to attempt to call a new referendum, the current excuse is as we all know Brexit. Such is the contempt for democracy and the Scottish people that she now has to use ‘will of the parliament’ as a mandate when in fact the mandate should come from the voters.

The voters of Scotland do not want independence, especially independence which endangers our national and economic security.

In order to try and appear relevant, Nicola Sturgeon insists she will decide whether to hold a second independence referendum by the end of the year.

Let us be absolutely clear, she doesn’t have the authority to a second independence referendum, nor does she have a mandate from the people. In 2021, the most important election possibly in Holyrood history takes place; the outcome of that election should end the independence question for quite some time. 2021 is the looking like the year of a hung parliament at this stage as people desert the SNP as either voters or party members.

One thing which is taken by many as a ‘given’ is that no matter how good the UK Brexit talks are Nicola Sturgeon will still try to justify a new referendum. What Sturgeon is doing is trying to keep onside her own wee bitter nationalists who will probably end up turning on her for a failure to deliver. I would say that the way things stand at present even if Sturgeon gets the Scottish Greens on board she won’t have enough votes to get a majority.

No majority seems to be the state of play, and has been for some time now!

Scottish Conservative MP John Lamont said:

“Nicola Sturgeon has no interest in securing a successful Brexit deal, all she cares about is a second independence referendum”.

He is right and he also added:

“She has created a damaging distraction when her priority should be working with the UK Government to get the right deal for Scotland and the whole of the UK. She should take the threat of a second independence referendum off the table. Instead she has put it front and centre - which is the last thing Scots want or need.”

In politics, the rule of thumb to get elected is to give the people what they want and clearly since the debacle of 2014, the public don’t want to know, they want to get on with their lives and have some sense of security.

And that isn’t what Nicola Sturgeon is providing, our national and economic security is paramount importance to Scots, we have seen what happens to countries when this is out of kilter…… chaos.

Another interesting but doomed ploy was the SNP trying to get the Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn on board for a majority in the House of Commons for staying in the single market.

If you don’t know what that in the electoral sense, allow me to explain, it means political suicide for the Labour Party and its leader. Although I have blogged that Jeremy Corbyn in the past hasn’t handled foreign affairs well, on this issue, he is smart enough to realise the concept that the people have made a decision.

There is no question of Labour gets its act together to join a coalition of the damned because Sturgeon’s nonsense isn’t the bigger picture. To refresh your memory, parliament agreed to abide by the decision of the Brexit vote.

In grasping at straws, Sturgeon said:

“The vast majority of Labour members want to see the UK stay in the single market, so if we can bring that consensus together then I believe there is an opportunity. Jeremy Corbyn has to decide where he stands on all of this. I think most of his supporters will be deeply disappointed that he appears to be only slightly less in favour of a hard Brexit than the Tories are and many will find that completely inexplicable.”

Jeremy Corbyn has said:

“the single market is dependent on membership of the European Union.”

Recently SNP MP Ian Blackford tried to urge Labour to join a cross-party bid to keep the UK in the single market and customs union, with his SNP group, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru and Greens, that was ignored, and rightly so.

A UK Government spokeswoman said:

"We are seeking a deal that works for the whole of the UK, that delivers on the result of the EU referendum. Rather than trying to undermine the result of a democratic referendum, we urge the Scottish Government to work with us to ensure, as we leave the EU, we protect the UK's vital internal market. Scotland trades four times as much with the rest of the UK as it does with the EU, so it is vital that we ensure that market continues unimpeded."

Finally, when you play games, there comes a time when the games must end, when Sturgeon’s game ends, the SNP will have to finally accept that they are just a minority administration going nowhere, and more importantly have nothing to offer the people of Scotland

Then the people who have been ignored will get their opportunity at the ballot box and decide what they want, they want better health services, better education, better law and order, improvements to infrastructure and economic growth, all of which is beyond the limited ability of Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP as a whole.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Thursday, January 11, 2018

City Destruction Tutorial by the incredibly talented Andrew Kramer, if you ever wondered how do the professionals do that, this tutorial will open your eyes

Dear All

As a long time movie buff, I was always knocked out by special effects in movies, the skills you see exhibited today are truly mind blowing. Today instead of a politics post, I would like to highlight a company called Video Copilot which makes products for motion graphics.


What makes this company a market leader is that as well as selling top quality products, they create tutorials which give people ideas how to use their products. Of course Video Copilot isn't the only company to do this but Andrew Kramer, who owns it is generally regarded as a 'rock star' of the After Effects community and each year he does a presentation for Adobe at the NAB show.


Andrew Kramer passes on knowledge which has helped many people learn cgi, and what is incredible is that he was self taught. Self taught and he ended up doing the titles for the revamped first Star Trek movie starring Chris Pine.


Anyway, the tutorial I selected is called City Destruction, it is a step by step indepth tutorial which combines several elements of motion graphics such as 3d tracking, and creating an illusion of looking inside a destroyed building when in fact you are looking at 2D pictures.

I hope you will watch this tutorial, I have many times, it is truly excellent in terms of quality and teaching.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

SNP Childish Pointless Games; Nicola Sturgeon left looking like a complete fool as most Scots want to curb EU immigration and not be part of the single market after Brexit, the SNP myth is blown apart as the majority of Scots don’t subscribe to her views, the downward spiral of her political decline has taken firm root now

Dear All

One of the problems in politics which is major in my opinion is the complete disregard for public opinion. Politicians are elected to ‘serve the public’, but because of the fractionalisation of politics in this country, and the rise of ‘vested minorities’ who operate to their own agenda, the public have been disenfranchised and more or less shut out of the political discourse.

In politics, the political elite tread their own path while preaching they are acting in your best interests, it is a lie which has been sold to the people time and time again, which is why we have the unhealthy see saw politics, we kick one set of people out of public office only to get rid of them to allow the others back in, whether that be through election bribes or us being plain sick of what the incumbents have been doing with our democracy and money.

Scots are in the main socially conservatives, which means they value community, social cohesion, fair play and a just society. Society by its very nature must work for all citizens or that will lead to the breakdown of community. Over the last few decades, we have seen the disastrous consequences of ‘social engineering’ that have been inflicted on the UK, we are told this is a good thing, but the reality is very different depending on which level of society you find yourself at.

I was heavily involved in the Brexit campaign back in 2016, my reason for joining the campaign was based on the fact that the people of the UK needed to reclaim their sovereignty back from the EU which is spiralling out of control. To me, the sovereignty argument was crucial because although we are told how ‘great’ the EU, as events in Europe have shown, the continent is heading towards a dark place.   

In a recent poll, information has come forward that the majority of Scots want to curb EU immigration after Brexit.

This is because most Scots whatever shade their political beliefs take understand that social cohesion and community is a priority for them, people want to believe that everyone in society should get the opportunity to progress, but sadly we know otherwise. If you walk by any street in a major city, you see our citizens sleeping rough in the streets…….

Our citizens failed by our politicians in our society.

A survey by the National Centre for Social Research shows that most Scots agree with the George Laird view that we should leave the European single market and restrict immigration for EU citizens after Brexit. It is time to rebuild our society, fix our problems; help our citizens and those who have been granted the legal right to stay here.

An aspect of the survey which is bound to anger the SNP; is that Scottish voters believe powers on immigration and trade should remain UK-wide and controlled by Whitehall, a staggering 63 and 67 per cent respectively. The news also kills the SNP narrative that more liberal attitude towards the European Union and freedom of movement than residents in England. If you live in Liverpool, Manchester or Glasgow, chances are you have the same social outlook as anywhere else in the UK, shared common experiences.

Another nail in the coffin of Nicola Sturgeon who leads the SNP has been the chaotic way that she has systematically destroyed the support for the party since she took the reins of power from Alex Salmond, her incompetence both on domestic issues and external matters has caused a “swing against independence”. The less then serious attitude to major problems, disregard for the views of ordinary people and just plain bad judgement have started the rot which is truly spectacular, all through self harm!

One thing in the survey which, I have strongly advocated for years is an end to freedom of movement, the EU while smaller could cope with such a measure as most countries in the block were of similar economic status, now the EU is 28 members States; the policy is no longer feasible or desirable.

In a previous post on EU reform, I advocated that there should be an EU internal immigration policy for EU citizens, a policy which is sorely needed within the block. The EU is in crisis which is why “majority of people in Scotland would prefer to see an end to freedom of movement with the EU”, by getting out of the block, we have been sensible which in due time will be common knowledge. I think immigration is a good thing, I have always said so publicly, there are various reasons why such as transfer or knowledge, skills and of course diversity, but the problem arises when we don’t get the balance right.

When we don’t get balance right we end up with ghettos such as Govanhill in Glasgow!

59 per cent of voters in Scotland thought potential EU migrants to the UK should have to apply to come here, this should be the policy through-out the EU if someone wishes to transfer to another member country, not having this measure is a mistake.      

Sir John, Professor of Politics at Strathclyde University, said:

“Our results suggest that both the UK and the Scottish Government may need to do some rethinking of their plans for post-Brexit Scotland. The UK Government’s proposal that EU responsibilities for devolved areas such as fishing and farming should in the first instance at least be given to Westminster appears to be out of tune with the public mood north of the border. But equally, the Scottish Government appears to have made little headway in persuading voters that Scotland should have a closer relationship with the EU post-Brexit. Most still think the rules on EU trade and immigration should be the same in Scotland as in the rest of the UK.”

I see no problem in allowing farming to be transfer, however, I am not convinced and I think this hasn’t been fully explain the ramifications of transferring fishing to the Scottish Government, I think this should remain a reserved matter because under the SNP I can see this being problematic.

Finally, although the findings are extremely bad news for the SNP, they are still clinging to this research showing people in Scotland believe decisions on all devolved issues should continue to be made here in Scotland. What they are failng to grasp is that the movement away from them in terms of support is showing that their grasp on power is ebbing away, each and every day.

Although you might not realise, the 6 May 2021 is going to be the most important date in Scottish electoral history since Holyrood opened its doors!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s Bitchiness: unpopular First Minister snubs Alex Salmond's Kremlin TV show by claiming she has never watched the show, is this tedious predictable jealously as Salmond has replaced her with Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh as the new buddy, there is nothing dignified in a woman of a mature age like Nicola Sturgeon resorting to this type of foul behaviour, time to grow up!

Dear All

Isn’t it sad when ‘buddies’ fall out and out comes the bitchiness, after being dumped by the electorate, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond embarked on a tv career.

No one in the UK from the main stations such as BBC, Sky or ITV were biting, so Salmond ends up doing the Alex Salmond's Kremlin TV show.

Oh how the mighty have fallen!

Along with Salmond, he was joined by Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh as a ‘roving reporter’ (you may laugh at this point if you wish). 

It seems that the Salmond/ Sturgeon double act has been replaced by the Salmond/ Shiekh double act, this may explain the public bitchiness of Nicola Sturgeon as she boldly declares that she is snubbing the show. 

In fact, to get as much bitchiness out as humanly possibly she has revealed she has never watched any of Alex Salmond’s TV shows on a Russian propaganda channel.

Why the public bitchiness?

Her excuse and it is pitiful is that Salmond’s programme is on at the wrong time of day, hasn’t she heard of Youtube? 

The main problem with the Alex Salmond's Kremlin TV show is it is a pile of low level dross with Salmond as the ‘ringmaster’ of this circus. In a TV special, Salmond wore a kilt which during a chat with Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh, he sat with his legs wide open!

Maybe there is room for change perhaps a desk!

Ms. Ahmed-Shiekh on the other hand decided to keep her legs shut wearing a lime green outfit opting for a more stylish traditional approach rather than Salmond dressed like a reject from a wedding reception.

It seems the great partnership of Salmond/ Sturgeon which saw numerous hugs and kisses when he was leader at SNP Conferences has faded, Sturgeon says she only tunes into his radio output “occasionally”.

Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t like the fact that her mentor struck a deal to host a weekly show on the pro-Putin outlet RT, personally, what is the big deal, Salmond is like a limelight addict, he can’t bear to be out of the spotlight, and Sturgeon never gave him a job.

It seems to me that Nicola Sturgeon is under pressure lashing out as anyone and everyone as the polls show she is leading the SNP down the drain politically, fails at every turn, fake concern at every crisis, and mealy mouth apologies becoming a predictable routine.

Alex Salmond has let it be known that if there is a by-election for the Aberdeen Donside Constituency at Holyrood, he wants to be the candidate, with this statement, the alarm bells for a Salmond comeback must have gone off in Nicola Sturgeon’s head, and let’s face, does she really want him back, she is quite happy ‘milking that FM salary on all four tits’ before the jig is up.

So, what should Alex Salmond do now that Nicola Sturgeon has reared up with the bitchy comments, well the rule of thumb would just to ignore her, Salmond has a new pal, a new follower in Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh. Nicola Sturgeon needs to ‘calm down’; she needs to stop ‘overreacting’. 

There is nothing dignified in a woman of a mature age like Nicola Sturgeon resorting to this type of behaviour, she has been left out of the 'party', she needs to accept it and move on.

Maybe Nicola Sturgeon needs to do a ten minute bitch-fest in the morning before she goes out the door to work, that might, just might fix her being the cold and unattractive character that she has become. 

Finally, I think that Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh should give Nicola Sturgeon some style tips, her awful choice of clothing and footwear makes her look like a fright. Although Ms. Sturgeon has recently said she is going to take up exercise she really needs to do something major about her sagging body parts, gravity isn’t being kind, she needs to learn to suck in her stomach.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Monday, January 8, 2018

The SNP Fat Boy Mysteries; unpopular Nicola Sturgeon refuses to put timescale on SNP sleaze probe into former minister Mark McDonald, Sturgeon gets a lot wrong but hanging onto Mark Donald who doesn’t even attend parliament is the wrong decision, festering cancer must be cut out

Dear All

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon is refusing to say much how longer the sleaze probe into one of her former ministers will last. Apparently there is an SNP ‘investigation’ into sleazy SNP MSP Mark McDonald who had to resign in disgrace as a minister.

One has to wonder how an investigation can take two months and still not produce a result.

Nicola Sturgeon is saying that the investigation would “take as long as it takes”, so, what about the alleged female victims, apparently the women who complained about him can just wait for answers.

She said:

“It will take as long as it takes. I’m not going to put artificial timescales on things. It’s important that things are looked into properly, extensively, due process is followed, and when an investigation concludes then the outcome of that investigation will be made known. This is the right way to go about these things.”

Doesn’t sound too hopeful for the women, more for Mark McDonald who must be desperate to hang onto his seat, also, I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon wants to keep McDonald in the fold so as not to have Alex Salmond possibly back at Holyrood in the event of a by-election.

Usually in matters relating to sleazy sex stories, the party who has the rat faces a rather uphill to retain the seat. 

The SNP as pundits know is administered by Sturgeon’s husband, party chief executive Peter Murrell, my experience of him is that he isn’t interested in investigating complaints and neither are the other staff. If the women victims aren’t high profile SNP Cult members then they can expect no help, in the case of Bill Walker, because of the Sturgeon connection, the SNP had to disown him to protect Sturgeon.

SNP MSP Mark McDonald has been absent from Holyrood since he quit as childcare minister on November 4, I suspect that this means he has more hiding to do because of the type of “inappropriate” behaviour. Having been caught out like a rat in a spotlight, McDonald tried to downplay the scandal as misguided attempts at humour.

In a show of bravado, he even suggested he might return as a minister in the future but let’s be serious, he is cooked, and Sturgeon trying to hold onto him as an MSP is a big mistake, there comes a time when you have to cut deadwood adrift.

The full extent of Nicola Sturgeon’s contempt for this situation was summed up as she said about McDonald:

“He's a good MSP and he will continue to be so.”

Nicola Sturgeon gets a lot wrong; SNP MSP Mark McDonald is a political liability who threatens the fake narrative that the SNP crafted that they support women.  McDonald admitted his action had caused “considerable distress and upset” but after November 16, further allegations against him popped up, that led the SNP to finally removed the party whip followed by suspension from the party which makes McDonald technically an independent MSP for the Aberdeen Donside constituency.

The SNP don’t want a by-election because although they have a huge margin compared to the other two possible contenders, the stench of having to fight a by-election where the allegations of McDonald are at the fore doesn’t really appeal, even if they get the win. Mind you if Alex Salmond stands, this might impact the 17,339 votes to such a degree that a short term win could lead to a long term loss down the line.

It rather looks like the SNP want to bury this investigation or produce a result that says they don’t have enough evidence to proceed in order to get Mark McDonald and Nicola Sturgeon off the hook. So far, the investigation has produced nothing for the female victims, it remains to be seen if they can get justice.

Anyone up for a by-election in the Donside, lovely area, just the place for strolling about talking to the natives!

Finally, when it comes to sexual matters, the SNP senior elected representatives don’t have an impressive track record, we have seen wife beating, adulterers and people with failed marriages make it through the ranks as candidates to become elected representatives, hardly Stronger for Scotland.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

Friday, January 5, 2018

Brexit to Flexcit: We voted for Brexit, but we could be seeing Flexcit as a staging post for a later bespoke EU/UK deal, the Swiss took 16 years to get sorted out due to the complex nature of government for their bilateral agreement, the EEA ticks a lot of boxes for the UK and crucially it also brings stability

Dear All

I have found this video which I would like you to watch, it is on Brexit by Dr. Richard North, as the talks progress towards our exit of EU membership, the case for a staged transition seems to becoming more viable as an option.

The problem with the talks is that because of the complex nature of government, and time taken to get bilateral agreements, and the Swiss/EU deals is an example, it could be that we end up in the EEA.


The Swiss took 16 years to get something they were 'happy' with, wheels grind slow!

If we do end up in EEA, that isn't the end of the journey, rather it would be a staging post for a bespoke deal which would follow later. I think as well, this move would also get public support on-board and deal with the continual fear and scaremongering that dominates in the Remain camp thinking.

Anyway, have a watch of this, and be of an open mind to what is being said.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign fort Human Rights at Glasgow University